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A travel guide and blog for Rayong, Hat Maeramphueng, Koh Samet and Surroundings.

Houses for Rent

Find the perfect place to stay in Rayong.

Food and Drink

The best places to go out in Rayong.

Places to see

In Rayong and sourroundings you can find temples, national parks, orchards and zoos.


Whether you want white sand beaches with crystal blue water or a 12km stretch on a quiet beach, you'll find it in Rayong.


There are great places to shop in Rayong from little thai markets to big shopping malls.

For the kids

There is a lot you can do with kids in and around Rayong.

Everyday life

Some impressions of what everyday life is like in Thailand.

Beyond Rayong

Thailand has so much to offer. Here you can find some highlights.